Titan Extended Magazine Release - Silver

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. Taller, wider magazine release button - great for juniors or shooters with smaller hands

. Includes two styles - button and paddle - perfect for customization!

The SW22® Victory™ is a popular rimfire pistol for Rimfire Challenge, Steel Challenge and other shooting sports competitions, and is great for beginner and junior shooters. But for young shooters, or other shooters with smaller hands, reaching the magazine release button while shooting can be a challenge. Even shooters with larger hands often struggle to easily and consistently release the magazine when adding thicker SW22® grips to their Smith & Wesson Victory™ pistol.

The TANDEMKROSS "Titan" Extended Magazine Release for SW22® Victory™ is a simple, drop-in replacement for the factory magazine release that offers significantly more surface area and height to make magazine changes easy - ideal for competition shooters!

The “Titan” extended magazine release comes with two styles of magazine release for the ultimate custom fit: a round, textured button that is taller and slightly wider than the factory magazine release button and a larger, paddle button to extend the magazine release not only out and away from the gun, but also back toward the shooter. Install whichever release style works best for you!

The magazine release button and paddle are available in black or silver to compliment your SW22 Victory. Both button and paddle options are made of aluminum for long lasting durability.

Stop fumbling for your magazine release & make faster, more consistent magazine changes with the TANDEMKROSS "Titan" Extended Magazine Release for SW22® Victory™.

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