.177 Cal. Target Air Rifle

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Pardini air rifle:
- a barrel made and selected at Pardini factory
- a unique and patented absorber system to prevent recoiling
- a shaft with multiple regulation possibilities, designed by shooters for shooters
- and finally, a loading system significantly closer to the shooter, a small change that opens a world for new training methods and innovative shooting techniques. This rifle is the answer to a new way to perceive the shooting sport, a way that the international shooting federation is aiming for, by shortening preparation and competition time which pushes the shooters to quickly settle down in position and adopt a faster pace. A system has changed, not just a detail, and by offering the possibility of loading in position we want to convince the shooters to see these changes not as risks, but as a new opportunity. An all-Italian rifle, quality insured by the Pardini brand, designed by the shooters of today, for the champions of tomorrow.