Deluxe String Kit

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Designed based on customer feedback, our Trajectory String Kit ends the mess and clutter of old string storage containers. The kit features a hard plastic insert with spool separators, keeping the spools organized. Notched holes for each string port keep the strings separated during use, and when finished, provides a place where string can be tied down so that it won’t unravel during transit. Available in standard and deluxe configurations, both kits come in a padded, yellow nylon bag with a carrying strap. Each kit includes a set of brightly colored red, green, blue, pink and orange nylon string spools. Each spool has over 300’ (91m) of string. In addition, our Deluxe Trajectory String Kit includes a 150’ (45m) spool of our special
reflective string. Ideal for outdoor night scenes, the string reflects a bright white when photo-flashed or illuminated with a flashlight.