Air Pistol 4.5mm

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Single shot air pistol with a detachable cylinder for compressed air up to 250 bar. Conic bolt provides secured locking of the chamber and consistent air discharge. Caliber 4.5 mm,(.177), developed for the sole use of compressed air, with the air pressure regulator inside of the pistol frame. The pistol has fully adjustable, two-stage trigger and an easily accessible switch for Dry Fire. The light weight parts of the improved trigger mechanism ensure fast lock time. Anatomical, adjustable walnut grip, available in various sizes. We can make a custom grip or copy of alreadypersonalized anatomical grip in our factory. Reliable, side visible pressure gage to monitor the remaining air in the cylinder. Fully adjustable rear sight, variable width of the notch, and adjustable sight radius. Sophisticated compensator reflects years of research and experience. All these, in combination with the perforated barrel guarantees this air pistol consistency, precision and excellent stability when shooting.